About California Blooming Beauties:

Welcome to my tiny backyard flower farm tucked in a quiet residential town in Northern California.

It is where I bloom happily among the flowers I grow with love and lots of creative energy.  Working in my garden allows me to appreciate life and give back. It is here that I can work yet be still, practice living in the now and stand in complete awe of the magic that surrounds me.

What drives me is the wish to leave behind a clean footprint on earth, something to be cherished long after I am gone.

Watching the sunset from my backyard I often soak up the feeling of gratitude that follows and allow the wonderful things that are waiting to manifest while letting go of the things that no longer serve me.

Am grateful for:

  • this amazing, enigmatic, miraculous, constantly  unfolding and infinitely abundant life.
  • my three wonderful children and a caring, thoughtful, intelligent, hard working son-in-law
  • the most beautiful 9 month old grand baby boy
  • my job as an IT professional at a School District and the fact that the work I do directly or indirectly supports students and teachers every day of their lives.
  • the sweet comfort of my home